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Your World, Your Life, Your Way

In recent months, COVID-19’s meant we’ve been confined to home more than we might have chosen.  Every cloud has a silver lining, though, with more of us really considering what we want from our homes.  Beautiful, elegant interior design is transformative in creating the spaces and homes that equips us to live life on our own terms, true to our own values.  Stylish, comfortable, and harmonious homes draw us towards living in a way that equips us to thrive.  As 2020 draws to a close, and we spend more time at home we consider the interior design trends that will shape the next decade and bring wellbeing into the very heart of our homes.

Green Interior Design

Interior Design offers elegance, harmony, and beauty: enhancing the spaces we inhabit.  As we spend more time at home, attending to additional factors other than simply the visual aesthetic is an emerging requirement of many design briefs.  Air quality impacts our sense of health and wellbeing and recent months have seen a surge of interest in interiors and design finishes that enhance rather than compromise air quality and purity.  Yes, clients want beauty and quality, elegant classic design.  Yet, they also want more than simply that.  They also advocate for healthy and life-enhancing spaces.  Furniture, fittings, finishes, and furnishings that are chemical-free and VOC-free are wise investments for green-focused homes.   Wood, metal, natural textiles, and glass can offer alternatives that provide elegant natural durability as well as enhance air quality.  However, even natural products can be treated with toxic chemicals and finishes containing chromium, formaldehyde, and benzene.  Securing expert professional advice is essential to ensure interiors remain green and non-toxic.

Green interior design also includes utilizing houseplants to provide both aesthetic and air purification.  Careful design accommodates both requirements as part of a bespoke renovation.  Plants such as monstera deliciosa, spathiphyllum, and calathe are prized for their air purification properties and can enhance your living space.  Plants, bringing the outdoors indoors, are likely to remain a key feature of green interior design schemes over the coming decade.

Designing for Sustainability

Homes that support and value sustainability allow for eco-principles to be expressed within the very fabric of your living space.  Sustainable design need not mean compromising on beautiful spaces.  Interior design trends are set to continue to incorporate ecologically responsible and sustainable features that make the very best use of the latest products and processes.

Expert design can include designing for energy efficiency with careful attention being paid to lighting, floor surfacing, and insulation.  Likewise, sourcing sustainable furnishings and fittings made from natural products enhances any sustainable design.  Factoring in longevity and flexibility allows for homes to be living spaces that are less wasteful, reducing energy use to manufacture replacement products.  With expert advice, this need not be at the expense of beautiful and elegant spaces that are befitting of your home and your life.

Working from Home

Remote working isn’t a new concept. Technology offers huge potential to equip businesses in offering such flexibility.  Lockdown restrictions in 2020 meant working from home became the new norm for millions of employees, and that trend is set to continue for many employees.  The knock-on effect means our homes now need to accommodate our work and downtime in a way that is supportive of our own sense of wellbeing and health.

Excellence in interior design is set to facilitate home workers to create purposeful office spaces that do not steal from the serenity of rest, relaxation, and recreation time outside of work.  Technology and business solutions can be a discreet part of such a design without compromising on elegance and style. Working from home in a clean environment, with a well-designed space to accommodate your projects and commitments, can be life-enhancing and is likely to be an important well-being trend of the next decade.

Healthy Living

We’ve already noted the impact that green design can have on air quality and health.  Homes that equip us to thrive and embrace wellness offer huge health potential that helps to off-set the impact of stress.

Harmonious design that includes options to minimize clutter and distraction support mindful living and a feeling of calmness.  Comfortable and comforting spaces offer a secure and reassuring space in which we can rest and relax.  Over the next decade, we need our homes to work for us and our own well-being.  Excellence in interior design supports you to create the space and the home that is tailored to your life, and your needs.  This offers an opportunity for you to live consciously and authentically with wellness and wellbeing.

Taking Interior Design Outdoors

As we spend more time at home, working from home, and embracing the sanctuary that is our home, many people are looking to benefit from the opportunities private outdoor space offers.  We’ve already seen that utilizing plants indoors is an important interior design trend.  Finding ways to bring the indoor-outside is also a key focus for life enhancement.  Design trends include comfortable, sustainable, quality outdoor furniture that allows for outdoor space to be both functional and stylish.  Outdoor design can be part of a holistic approach to home design that considers the interplay of indoor and outdoor spaces.  Planting schemes, hard surfaces, and outdoor room design are all critical to a well-designed outdoor space that compliment your interiors and your wellbeing.

Well-being trends and ecological concerns will continue to exert a powerful influence upon the way we live our lives over the next decade.  Such trends will be reflected in the spaces and places we call home.  More than ever before, our homes need to work for us, as we spend more time at home.  Well-designed homes and interiors provide a space in which to express and live out authentically our values, whilst also gaining wellbeing and health benefits.  Homes are set to become the center of our world, where we can live our best life in our own unique way.  That is the power of excellent interior design.

Author Bio: Elizabeth Shields is a writer and owner of a small cleaning company called DeluxeMaid. She is the mom of two boys with a passion for home design, parenting and healthy living.