Five Ways To Make You and Your Home Healthier

White Bedroom with Chandelier

If you could make five changes in your home in order to sleep better and to improve your health, would you do it?

That’s exactly what furniture designer Enrico Marone Cinzano did. Staying in luxury hotels for years and had everything he could ask for in comfort he still didn’t feel rejuvenated and rested when he woke up. Cinzano threw himself into exhaustive research on how to create a home environment that not only does no harm, but actually elevates the feeling of well-being. He foundings he discovered five ways to make you and your home healthier.

Cinzano realized that he needs to find a home environment that doesn’t harm you and the earth but also keeps you happy and increases your well-being. Research shows that Millennials spend more time at home and in their bedrooms than any other generation. Making these five changes will make you feel better than ever!


Changing your lighting to beautiful daylight during the day which will boost your serotonin while at night sleep in darkness will not only make you sleep better but week up well-rested and rejuvenated. In our blog post bring the sun into your office discusses how proper lighting assists with one’s mood, and how light affects the different functions of the brain, including the regulation of a person’s thoughts and feelings. Installing 3 way light switches or have the switch wired to the main switch so when you’re ready to hit the sack you turn off only one switch for complete darkness.

Furniture and Bedding

Finding recycled or antique wood furniture decreases the risk of chemical residues. You can also find organic furniture that is completely free from toxic waste. Invest in an organic mattress and beddings that are made of organic cotton.

Showerhead with vitamin C

According to Wellness Mama, unfiltered shower water can contain an array of chemicals like chlorine as well as bacteria and fungus from the showerhead.

Vitamin C filters remove both chlorine and chloramines and create a chemical reaction that completely changes chlorine and chloramines, rendering them harmless.

Indoor air quality

Use cedarwood for fresh air and to repel bugs. Spending money on a good dehumidifier to protect your indoor air quality.

Green cleaning products

Eliminate all environmentally toxic materials in your cleaning products, laundry detergent, and air purifiers. The chemicals used in most of these products can cause skin irritation.

Making these changes in your life and home will not make you only feel better, it will change your overall health and you will notice an increase in energy and increase in your overall wellness and happiness. Furniture designer Enrico Marone Cinzano, made radical home improvements and he is confident that it has made a huge change in his health and quality of life. He says,  “I’m a Mediterranean person and I live in London, where most people get depressed when the weather is bad. But I never get depressed. I sleep better than anyone I know. I believe my surroundings have done that for me.”

If you could implement these five ways to make you and your home healthier, to wake up well-rested and happy, would you?