Bring The Sun Into Your Office

HEAVN One Visual Caffein

Do you live in a city where sunlight is scarce? Does your office seem dark and in need of more natural light? Then, let’s bring the sun into your office!

When designing an office, one of the most important components is to make sure that there’s enough lighting to be able to stay in the office for long periods of time. In researching new innovative lighting, I ran across an article where a company named IPPINKA  created a desk lamp called HEAVN One which has the power to light up your room with a boost of natural light. It includes two distinct LED light panels: one which provides optimal illumination of your desk; and the other which mimics the sun and adapts to your workday to keep you productive.

It appears that this desk lamp can help you stay awake, and vitalizes your body due to the angle of light that hits your eyes while you’re reading, writing, and moving around in the office. Proper lighting also assists with one’s mood. Take this article written by Examined Existence, which describes in great detail how light affects the different functions of the brain, including the regulation of a person’s thoughts and feelings.

As IPPINKA says “ Bring the sun into your office, even on a rainy day.”

Hopefully, you’ll find yourself happy and very productive!