Your Home Library

A wonderful addition to any luxury home design is a room to keep archives of books on display. A home library is a great way to showcase your book collection and add a peaceful room that evokes privacy and learning. Even those that are not big on reading often enjoy a home library for the sheer decor of having a multitude of books to peruse.

A home library can be as easy as a few small simple shelves, or a massive wall full of shelves that one has to reach the top with a ladder. The books on display are generally hardbacks and often in volumes.  Desks and seating arrangements should be available.  The chair should be padded and comfortable, as an avid reader will likely be passing time reading for a while.

Lighting should be soft but bright enough to read under.  You want to make sure readers do not strain their eyes when sitting in the room.  Medium or dark toned woods are often used to soften the light; white walls tend to reflect light and while may brighten the room, could distract a reader’s eyes.

A nice touch is to keep a magnifying glass available for certain reading materials.  Particular books may come in small fonts, or have pictures that you would like to zoom in and a magnifier is a great way to examine these pictures without straining your eyes.