What Is Your Energy Number?

Wooden numbers from 1-9

The concept of numerology in Chinese Feng Shui is important due to each number having a specific, symbolic meaning. Feng Shui practitioners from many cultures believe that displaying objects around your home in specific number combinations can enhance your life and help you attract wealth, harmony, and love. After having worked with various Feng Shui masters on setting the proper energy of various homes we’ve built and designed for the past couple of decades, one of my favorite Feng Shui tasks is to begin identifying the clients’ energy number. One of the tools I use to research this information is Marie Diamond’s book called The Energy Number Book. So, what is your energy number and what does it do?

When you enter your birth date, you’ll discover what directions in your home or office are the best ones for your health, relationships, success and wisdom. Using Marie Diamond’s tool, you can “Discover the soul journey and the best professional choices, health practices, relationship steps and wisdom ritual for each Energy Number.”

Watch this amazing video called “What is Your Energy Number And How To Use It For Success“. She does a great job walking your through finding your energy number and helps you on your journey to great health, one which we all desire. May it bless you with great health, positive energy and create abundance in your life.