Wallpaper Trends for 2017

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Wallpaper has been on the uprise in interior design for a few years now and you will find a great selection of colors, patterns, textures and design. To shed some light on all the choices that are out there, here are 3 wallpaper trends for 2017.


Pattern Clash

It used to be a fashion faux pas to add prints, patterns, colors, and textures that don’t go together but now, clashing is not only okay, it’s de rigueur. The more eccentrically assembled they are, the better.  Wallpaper pattern clash makes a flat surface appear three-dimensional and its Trompe l’oeil effects are mesmerizing.



Large-scale patterns that contain texture and tone-on-tone colorways provide a dynamic, modern, graphic look. The geometrics look appears creative with a touch of ‘dare to be different and to think outside the box’ look.  


Art Forms

When looking to revamp your home, decorating your walls is always a smart choice. Adding an art form wallpaper to any room as an accent wall will give a fresh new look to a mundane space. To get ideas, I like Feathr.com to get some inspirations.  


Using wallpaper allows people to re-create beautiful spaces within their homes, not to mention, making it fun! Are you into wallpapers? If so, which of these 3 wallpaper trends for 2017 do you prefer?