The Ultimate Guide to Design Styles

Modern Interior Design Living Room with white furniture and wood

When it comes to decorating your home there are a wide variety of styles that you can choose from to furnish your space.  In this article, we will explore the ultimate guide to design styles to show what is on offer which will help you decide which one best suits your vision for your home.

Traditional Design Style

Traditional design styles often stem from the 18th and 19th Centuries and focus on the concept of familiarity and comfort.  Homes that are inspired by a traditional design style often adopt a neutral color scheme of beiges, rich mauves and wooden floors.  Homes modeled off of traditional design styles also tend to have a focal point for the room such as a grand fireplace or large oil painting.

Contemporary Design Style

Contemporary design styles mimic minimalism with their fresh neutral color palettes, lines and spaces.  Less is more tends to be what sets contemporary design styles from other interior design styles as there is a focus on the space of the room and not clutter.  White walls, minimal ornaments and the use of green plants and geometric shapes is particular to contemporary design styles.

Eclectic Design Style

Contrary to contemporary design, eclectic is a design style that is more bold and daring to incorporate a mixture of patterns, textures and vibrant paintings.  This design style gives a room an artistic edge.  If you want to achieve an eclectic design style then consider creating a gallery wall of pictures and investing in a few statement pieces such as ornaments and furniture.

Beachy / Nautical Design Style

If you are wanting to create a calm oasis in your home then a beachy/nautical design style may be what you want to consider.   Beachy / nautical designs tend to focus on a color theme which evokes a fresh and airy feel such as whites and blues.  The style also tends to focus on maximizing space in a room with minimal clutter although beach accessories such as shells and wicker seats do still tend to make an appearance.

Transitional Design Style

A transitional design style effortlessly fuses both contemporary and traditional furnishings to create a fresh room.  This design style focuses on practical, comfortable furnishings and a neutral color palette to create a calm space that’s easy on the eye.

Modern Design Style

Stemming from its Scandinavian origins, modern design styles focus on a stripped-back approach to a room. Clean lines, monochrome colors and a mixture of textures and textiles such as wood and leather can be found in modern design styles.  Furniture that has been carefully selected adds to the aesthetic of the room and you can expect minimal bright colors or accessories.

Hollywood Design Style

Defined by glamour and fun, Hollywood design style evokes the expense and attraction of Hollywood.  Homes that are styled in this way will have luxurious textiles such as faux fur rugs, velvet couches and accessories such as a golden bar cart exhibiting drinks and large paintings.

Vintage / Retro Design Style

Vintage and retro interior designs incorporate a range of styles with items nodding to a bygone era. A lot of the decor of a home in this style will consist of pieces that will define that era, for example, a vinyl or record machine.  You can also expect posters and paintings which are old-fashioned and furniture that matches the retro theme.

As you can see from exploring the ultimate guide to design styles there are multiple different design styles that you could model your home off of.  Open your Pinterest account and start manifesting your dream home design today!