Technology is Changing the Interior Design Industry

It is not easy to predict the future in technology and when it comes to how the internet is changing the Interior Design industry. One thing we do know is that it will continue to change the way we purchase and design our homes. Here are 4 ways technology is changing the Interior Design industry:


Smart Homes

Homes are getting smarter and smarter with technology implemented in every corner. Kitchens are making cooking easier than ever. Digital controls are replaced with videos and touch screens to suggest a menu based on information on the contents of the refrigerator, which provide a warning when products are about to go bad. Mind-blowing, right? Other technology controls consist of security monitoring to see who’s entering the home, AC/HV adjustments, as well as turning on the sprinkles and lights before returning home using a device.

3-D Printing

3D printing has been around for nearly three decades but just recently has it allowed interior designer opportunities we never thought were ever possible. Freddie Chatt continues about the future of 3D printing; “Where it used to be costly and cumbersome, today 3D printing is efficient and exciting. Interior designers can quickly demonstrate their designs and allow their clients to touch and feel their ideas in miniature form”. The idea of creating your own design and producing your furniture on demand is remarkable!

Design Online

A staggering 40% of consumers search online for Interior Design ideas, and they are constantly searching for new platforms to discover new products. Interactive websites such as Houzz which allow the consumer to create personal design boards and share with their Interior Designer to make the purchases with just one click! Working with an Interior designer has great perks. Not only do they design a custom space to meet all of their clients’ needs but they have the expertise to pick and choose the perfect quality of furnishings to work well with each client’s living space. Another super bonus is that they  have the ability to pass on their discounts directly to the client!

Virtual Reality

A new exciting technology is taking the center stage in the Interior Design industry, as well as many other industries is Virtual Reality (VR). Imagine virtually seeing your dream home before it becomes reality? You can change the pattern of your wallpapers, the color on your kitchen cabinets and find the perfect rug! Your home will come to life in front of your eyes! Virtual Reality is still Costly and requires a powerful computer to control, but it is just a matter of time until VR will be able to be accessible to everyone.


It is exciting to see how technology is changing the Interior Design industry and we cannot wait to keep seeing more changes in our space. What are other ways you are using technology in your home?