Taking A Gratitude Walk

Haleh Aleman taking a Gratitude Walk On the Beach

On a weekly basis, I attempt to walk myself into a state of well-being and away from my worries by taking a gratitude walk. By doing this, it allows me to feel empowered, walk myself into new ideas and creative solutions by being aware of the immense gratitude I have for my health, my family, my loved ones, my clients, and my two Maltese dogs, Val & Tina.

What is a gratitude walk? It’s a self-care ritual that allows you to take a quiet moment by giving thanks to the earth and to think about yourself and your surroundings. Walking and giving gratitude can assist with thinking and solving problems, reduce stress, and in turn, can boost your well-being.

Actual proper walking wakes you up from sleep-walking, which is what most of us do when we are not living in the present says, Professor Mark Williams, the director of mindfulness at the School of Psychology at Oxford University. In his teachings, he explains that “most of us find that we sleep-walk through life, and become immune to life’s riches. From ancient times in Asia, simple meditation practices were developed to help people cultivate mindful awareness and ‘wake up’. It was always seen as pivotal to greater wisdom and compassion.”

Start the New Year by implementing wellness in your life and home. Here are some tips to help you begin:

Adjust Your Posture

With your shoulders back, stand up straight and feel your body get into the right straight direction to begin your walk.

Connect With Earth

Balance your feet directly on the ground and feel the energy of the earth keep you grounded.


Begin your walk by choosing one task to zero in on. Look straight ahead and concentrate on that task.

Become Aware

Take a step with one foot, and notice how your body is in motion and then take another step with the other. Begin noticing every movement within your body. As you take the steps, notice how your arms move and the impact of each step.

Find Your Momentum

Although taking slow steps, find your strength, power, and energy, and keep moving.

For more tips on how to begin this new ritual, check out this article here.

Giving gratitude can heal, destress, and elevate you towards happiness. Have you tried taking a gratitude walk? Implementing it in the new year will bring your vibration up and create positive energy in your life.