Statement Ceilings

Moving into a new home or want to enhance the look of your home? Your ceiling designs may be the missing piece of the puzzle of your room. Statement ceilings are beginning to become more relevant in luxury interior design. And why not join the party? Take a seat and check out a handful of exquisite statement ceiling types that will bring the beauty of your room to the limelight:

Painted Statement Ceiling

It goes without saying that painted statement ceilings are the most popular ceiling designs, as you can use to make a quickly, and seamlessly make a bold statement in your home. Go for colors that complement the colors on the walls of your home. However, except you want to make your room to look smaller, avoid strong colors. Glossy or lacquered paints are generally known to perform wonders for luxury interior designs.

Wallpaper Statement Ceiling

Want to improve the personality of your room with various forms of ceiling designs? Add wallpaper to it! Whether for your home office or living room, wallpapers provide the needed warmth, illumination, and colors.

You can beautify the ceilings with wallpapers that have simple monochromatic designs, amazing floral prints, aesthetic patterned designs, graceful geometric motifs, or captivating stripes. No matter the design of your wallpaper, ensure that it highlights your personal taste and style.

Exposed Beam Statement Ceiling

For a rustic look that can add an intimate aura to the atmosphere of your room, exposed beam statement ceilings are undoubtedly your best bet. All you have to do is to redesign your home with rustic beams and experience how magnificent your home will look. This option works perfectly for both traditional and modern homes.

Apart from enhancing the looks of your room, these exposed beams will serve as an additional support to the structure of the living space. So consider it as a multipurpose ceiling.

Artwork Statement Ceiling

Another wonderful option is to add artwork to your ceiling, such as the home office photograph on this post. Whether to show off your love for your favorite artist, display your personal style and display an antique world map or add an architectural masterpiece to your home, you can enjoy the design for years to come.

Even if you want to have your choicest quote or other texts to be displayed on the ceiling, adding artwork will add creativity for you and your guests to enjoy.

Molding Statement Ceiling

Have a large room? A unique ceiling design would be to add molding to your ceiling. You can easily play around with different styles to explore which suits best in your home. Options to try are: cornice molding or cove molding which work best in rooms without much architectural detail.

Which of these statement ceilings do you envision in your home? When choosing, consider the purpose of the room and add a suitable chandelier to create a style you will be proud to show off.