Octagon Rugs Work

Glamorous Foyer with Beige and gold accents with a Lalique crystal table and crystal Chandelier.

Looking for a unique way to add a special touch to your living space? Octagon rugs work… and so do round rugs! 

Choose the size and style of the rug 

Since rugs are not a standalone decorative piece; choose the proper style and size to accentuates the overall look of your home. 

While you can choose small round rugs for your corridor, entryway or foyer, a large one will work best for your living room. 

Decide on the material and color

Do you want the rug to blend into the interior design of your room? Are you looking for colors or materials that can make a bold statement of your style or preferences? Or looking for a traditional and neutral style that will work no matter what colors you use to decorate?

Add rugs to any parts of your home

From the living room to dining room, kitchen, bedroom, kids’ room, foyer, corridor, and even baby’s playroom, a fun shaped rug can be seamlessly added to any room. Simply consider the furniture and other elements of your room before choosing the style and size of your rugs.

Consider the positioning of the rug

Although the most common position is the center of your space, you can play around with the position of the rugs based on where the focus point of each major furniture piece is located. For example, in the foyer, it should be centered to the room, in the living room, it can be centered to your sofa versus the center of the living room space itself.

Of course, it’s best to add the rug and play with it by adding it in different positions and see which one resonates with you and your space most.