Rearrange Your Furniture

Modern Open Living Room in grey tones with bookshelf and kitchen

Rearranging your furniture is a simple yet effective way of injecting new life into a room or space.  This article will explore some tips that you should consider before starting to rearrange your furniture.

Maximize Natural Sunlight

When rearranging furniture it is important to take into consideration where the sunlight naturally enters your room. This will help to ensure that you do not block out the light. For example, moving sofas and seating to face a window will allow you to let more light into a room.  Sunlight is a powerful natural tool that can help to open up a room and even make it look bigger.  Science has also proven that exposure to sunlight also brings health benefits as it boosts serotonin levels which in turn helps individuals to feel happier and relaxed. All the more reason to maximize natural daylight into your space!

Choose a Focal Point

Before you start to rearrange your furniture it is a good idea to consider which area of your room you would like the main focus to be.  This can help you to have a more streamlined vision of how the flow of the room would take shape.  If you have a larger piece of furniture, such as an oak coffee table, you could consider making it the focal point of your room.  Alternatively, you could capitalize on using a painting such as a large canvas print to be the focal point of your room.

Focus on the Function of Your Furniture

How functional is your furniture? Often it can become easy to hold onto a piece of furniture for its sentimental associations as opposed to its practicality. For example, is your room too cluttered? If so, consider reusing furniture that you already have such as placing a chair or table into a different room. This is an eco-friendly design tip that will help you to achieve your desired vision while allowing you to benefit from the piece of furniture in another room.

Consider Traffic Flow

When rearranging your room it is a good idea to set aside some time to consider the way that your room is designed and set up.  You may have a particular vision of how you wish your room to look but the architecture of the room does not allow this layout to become a reality.  It is important not to obstruct doors or windows with the furniture as this will not only block out sunlight but will also create an obstruction to the entry and exit of the room.  Consequently, you also do not want to retain a piece of homeware that is too big for the space you have such as a large rug as this could become a hazard for people to trip over.

If you want to rearrange your furniture there are a few effective simple tips that you should consider before starting. Avoid blocking sunlight with your furniture and consider reusing furniture in another room if it no longer fits in the space that you want to rearrange.