Open Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen with custom cabinetry and kitchen island with Butcher block countertop

The kitchen tends to be the most used room in your house, so why not make it a space you and your family and friends enjoy spending time in? What was once space to house your appliances and cook is now the space to cook and spend time together and share meals. That’s one of the reasons that an Open kitchen design is not only one of my favorite rooms in my home but also one of my favorite spaces to design. If you are looking to redesign your kitchen, here are a few tips to consider:

Give it good energy

Are you a believer that health and happiness can be determined by how a house is sited and where its rooms are placed? If you said yes, then you are a believer in the Chinese practice of Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, one of the three areas of your home that relate to your well being in the kitchen, the other two are the bedroom and bathroom (also known as the energy triangle). In fact, the kitchen has all the five Chinese elements which are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. There’s wood from the cabinetry, fire from the stove, earth from tile or granite counters, water running through the sink, and metal in the appliances.

Make it functional + sociable

Love to entertain? Invest in an Island. It’s a must-have and will not only create more counter space to add functionality to your kitchen but it will create more storage and seating areas as your family and friends keep you company while cooking. This will create extra space for other activities such as having breakfast and snacks, homework or artwork with the kids, wrapping gifts or jumping online. Integrating this space will allow you to have a lively conversation with your loved ones while still keeping an eye on the food you are preparing. You can equally accentuate the kitchen with a minibar for a more matured entertaining space. 

Limited space won’t allow it? Add a small dining table with chairs to make your space more inviting and comfortable so you can use every inch of your kitchen.

Choose color

What color inspires you?  Are you into a more monochrome scheme or do you prefer a colorful palette? When it comes to kitchens, white, black, beige, gray, red, yellow, and green work well. A white or beige kitchen can energize a room, give it a fresh and clean feel, while a dark grey or black kitchen can be sleek and minimalistic. On the other hand, warmer colors, such as red, are believed to stimulate the appetite and really pop life in a kitchen. Choose the color that wows you.

Incorporate lighting

Lighting will not only set the mood while cooking and entertaining but it will also beautify your kitchen. Never underestimate the value of excellent kitchen lighting. With the proper light fixtures and design, your kitchen can quickly turn into the most occupied room in your home. With one smooth turn or hit of a dimmer knob, a well-designed kitchen can go from bright and light kitchen prep to dinner party warmth in no time. The areas to place lighting are:

  • On the ceiling to provide a general overall light pattern to light your whole room.
  • On top of your kitchen island. One bright enough to see while you’re food prepping with a dimmer to set the mood while entertaining.
  • On top of and inside cabinets to provide targeted light to illuminate a particular object or space.

Is your kitchen meeting your needs? Looking for an open kitchen design that suits you and your needs? Contact us for a consultation.