Natural Gemstones

Bathroom with Natural Gemstone wall and flooring

Gemstones are believed to have healing and calming properties so you can not only use them as decoration, jewelry but they are widely used for various spaces in your home. They make an excellent focal point and can decorate a room with natural beauty. From traditional granite countertops, amethyst, and agate flooring, to marble wall coverings, natural gemstones add art to any room in your home. These exotic gemstones can assist with turning a simple space into a luxurious one. Here are some tips on where you can add natural stone to your home:


Aside from their aesthetic appeal, your countertops need to be fit for the ins and outs of everyday life and a myriad of activities within your kitchen, bar and bathroom. The countertop material you choose should be the perfect marriage between functionality and beauty. When choosing a natural stone, the top two options are granite and quartz and the most durable for everyday use.


Adding soft lighting behind an onyx headboard will add a nice glow and create a cozy sacred space to your bedroom. This striking black-and-white stone gives strength, protection and a strong link to the earth. People have been using onyx for over thousands of years for healing purposes, and to help keep a clear mind during meditation, redirecting negative energy into positive action. It’s the stone of stability and grounding.


Go marble! From the floors up to the ceilings and enjoy this glamorous space as you dip in your home spa for well-deserved serenity. The bathhouses of ancient Rome were decorated with mosaic arrangements made of marble, as the importance of bathing rituals called for Roman architects to order stylish marble brought in from the Carrara village of Tuscany. Marble has been a mainstay of decorative materials in bathrooms ever since due to its easy maintenance, clean look, and will help increase your property value.

Dining table

For an elaborate and ornate experience, adding gemstones as a design element on your dining room table will create a unique centerpiece as you gather your family and friends for a beautiful dining experience. Natural stone flooring is durable, virtually maintenance-free, and easy to clean—making it an ideal for a formal dining room that hosts many parties and gatherings. The bonus is that stains, spills, and other mishaps can be wiped-up with ease.

Experiment with using natural gemstones to your favorite spaces and enjoy nature’s beauty.