Minimalism Vs. Maximalism

Minimalism Modern interior of living room with white sofa, armchairs and coffee table

Minimalism vs. maximalism are two contrasting design styles that are renowned for being opposite to each other.  We shall consider the differences between minimalism and maximalism and what they mean for your home when it comes to styling.


Minimalism is an interior design style which focuses on utilizing a room’s space and not concentrating on many objects or jarring features.  A minimalist room will evoke feelings of calm and serenity and will draw on adopting a neutral color palette and very particular furnishings which match and complement each other.

The concept of minimalism can be traced back to the 1950’s when artists were keen on stripping back art to its bare form.  Within the world of interiors, a room which is modeled off of minimalism will banish clutter and almost resemble a sterile environment.

Minimalist Design Style

A minimalist design style may often be referred to as a contemporary design style due to its fresh neutral color palettes, lines and spaces.  Less is more tends to be what sets minimalist design styles from other interior design styles as there is a focus on the space of the room and not clutter.  White walls, minimal ornaments, brick walls, exposed concrete and the use of green plants and geometric shapes are particular to minimalist design styles.

Within a minimalist design, all objects in the room will tend to have a particular purpose, for example, a seat to sit in and a table to place an object.  Due to its minimal features, a room furnished in this way will be easy on the eye and promote a calm aura.  Adopting a minimalist style will elevate your room to one of sophistication.


Maximalism is the opposite design style to minimalism as it focuses on incorporating multiple objects in a room all with differing textures and colors.  Rooms that are inspired by the style of maximalism will tend to be bright and busy with lots going on in them.

Maximalism took hold in the 1970’s following the period of minimalism when artists decided to experiment with bold colors and rebel against the bygone period of minimalism.

Maximalism Design Style

Contrary to minimalist design, maximalism is a bold and daring design style that incorporates a mixture of patterns, textures and vibrant paintings.  This design style gives a room an artistic edge with the multiple shapes and designs that it houses.  If you want to achieve a maximalist design style then consider mixing a range of bright colors and investing in statement pieces such as ornaments and furniture. With maximalism, there are no rules so add all of your favorite furnishings to the one room to create a happy warm space that you will enjoy living in.

While minimalism and maximalism are both contrasting styles, they each create a beautifully designed room and have their own benefits.  Minimalism vs. maximalism: If you prefer a more serene decluttered space then consider minimalism whereas if you enjoy having the freedom to mix different objects together maximalism is the design style for you!