Mindful Zen Interiors

Mindful Zen Interiors | Bedroom with beige walls | Haleh Design, Inc.

Life has never been busier and often it is hard to simply switch off and enjoy the present moment even in our own homes. However, implementing mindfulness within the home has been proven to bring positive energy and even reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. This article explores some mindful zen interiors with interior design tips to implement into your own home to create your own sanctuary that will help you to relax and recharge from the hectic demands of life.

Incorporate Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are excellent additions to add to your space to create a zen environment as they maximize the flow of oxygen into a room which promotes mental wellbeing. The color green is also proven to promote feelings of energy and relaxation which is something that should be prioritized when creating a mindful zen interior.  Plants will also take in the carbon dioxide that you breathe out and transform it into oxygen so you will have clear and pure air. Incorporating both plants and flowers has also been proven to reduce stress levels by bringing you back to nature. Consider adding a lavender plant to your bedroom to promote calming vibes and windowsill planters in your bathroom.

Eliminate Harmful Toxins

Another crucial interior design tip is to ensure that harmful toxins are eliminated to avoid disease and illnesses. For example, a build-up of mold and dust can contribute to respiratory diseases and an anxious aura within the home. It is therefore important to regularly clean the home to rid it of these toxins. Consider also purchasing an air purifier as this will assist in dispelling stale air and allowing clean oxygen to flow around the room. It has also been proven that essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass and bergamot are efficient in relieving stress and making a home smell fresh and calming,

Furnish Wisely

When it comes to furniture less is more if you want to achieve a zen interior home. For example, do not incorporate too many pieces of furniture but rather have one statement piece such as a couch and interiors that will complement it rather than detract from it. Consider soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and blankets as these help to create a comfortable relaxing vibe in your room of choice. Pay close attention to how your furnishings make you feel and what memories they evoke as you do not want to retain any piece of furniture that exudes bad energy or has negative connotations to it.

Pay Attention to Color Schemes

Another interior design zen tip is to take great care over the color scheme that you want your space to follow. Color is very influential in affecting mood and emotion therefore it is important to pick the right color palette for your zen interior design. For example, you may wish to incorporate light beige for a peaceful space in your bedroom or add baby blue or lavender as it has been proven to decrease blood pressure and would help to create a peaceful relaxing environment that helps to promote sleep.