Lighting Your Luxury Home

Foyer ChandelierLighting in your luxury home is an aspect that often gets neglected when it’s just right.  Whether for ambiance or aesthetics or just practical purposes, it’s important to get the lighting right.  Choices on the right lighting should be as follows:

  • Choose the lighting that is right for the application: Direct or task lighting is focused in the space you are trying to work. Ambient or indirect lighting is used for ambiance and for overall lighting of a space. Once chosen you can begin to choose lighting options.  Light sets the mood and function.  Choose wisely based on the room’s application.
  • Don’t ignore the exterior: Walkways, sidewalks, perimeter of your house, and the front entry should be lit with ambient lighting.  Keeping lights too dim is a welcome hiding place for unwanted guests. Keep the lighting too bright can be costly and an eyesore in the neighborhood. Flood lights and those that are solar operated would be a great and practical alternative.
  • Integrate walls into the lighting decor: Lighting on the wall can be useful in setting mood.  Directional lighting pointing upwards or downwards can focus on architectural elements on your home, and draw attention to exterior niches and plantings around your home.
  • Inside your home use multiple light sources for one space: For the kitchen, bedrooms, and living spaces, multiple light sources will help you achieve a variety of functions and ambiance for those areas. In the kitchen, under counter lights can provide great task lighting. In the living room, opt for a floor lamp next to a couch or favorite reading chair. Bathrooms are great for lighting at the  mirror and should be free from shadows and glaring light.
  • Night light for the kids: Think about the lighting for when children sleep when planning lighting requirements.  Night lights help small children from being scared, but also help parents navigate through dark rooms.  Consider a dim wall sconce, or table lamp can be used for rocking infants to sleep.
  • In formal living and dining areas, chandeliers: In spaces that a formal chandelier is considered, choose one that will not date your space. Often time’s chandeliers are bought without thinking of the space and the décor that surrounds it.  Chandeliers come in extremely simple designs that include faux candles, small bulbs, or a few lights to the ornate and expensive crystal varieties. Whichever is your décor choice, measure out the space, and ceiling height before ordering to ensure enough head room will be available below the hanging chandelier.

Lighting will be an important aspect for adding ambiance and practicality to your home.