Lighting Trends

Lighting Trends in an Open Kitchen with dining room table and chairs in neutral colors

The use of effective lighting has been proven to boost emotions which leads to individuals feeling happy and contributes to good mental health. Therefore, lighting is an integral interior aspect that you should consider when designing your home as it provides both a functional and aesthetic purpose. This article explores some of the current lighting trends and what type of lighting will work in each room of the home.

LED Lighting

In recent years LED lighting has become increasingly popular as it has energy-saving properties and is an environmentally friendly form of lighting. LED lights last far longer than regular lighting bulbs which means that homeowners will save money in the long term as they will not be required to regularly change the bulbs. LED lights are available in a wide range of colors and brightness frequencies which makes them an excellent option to consider in the home, especially in kitchens.

Minimalist Lighting Trends

In 2022, minimalist lighting trends are very popular and can create a subtle statement in a room such as a bathroom. Modern wall-mounted downlights are a good choice for bathrooms as they help to complement the design of your bathroom while retaining functionality. LED backlit mirrors are another excellent option for modern bathrooms if you wish to achieve soft calm lighting. Nordic slim light sticks mounted to the wall are another minimalist trend that is popular especially within living rooms as they evenly distribute light throughout a room and add a luxurious vibe to the home.

Open living areas are known for maximizing light into a home which in turn can even help to make a room look bigger as there are no partitions or walls between the rooms. When natural sunlight bounces off walls this can help to create the illusion that a room is brighter than it actually is.

Lighting Designs

Here are three of the most popular lighting designs:

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting can be achieved through light bouncing off the walls to illuminate the space. Chandeliers, table lamps and wall-mounted fixtures are all types of fixtures that provide ambient lighting to a room.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to illuminate a person that carries out a task in a particular space such as cooking in a kitchen or reading a book in a living room. This effect is achieved through pendant lighting, a directional recessed fixture or through a portable desk lamp.

Accent Light

Accent lighting is a good way to accentuate lighting in a room and can be used for example in driveways and hallways to create a dramatic effect. Accent designs can also be placed in areas such as alcoves, shelving units and underneath steps. It is important that accent lighting is not overused as this can give off the effect that the room is cluttered and unorganized.