Importance of Humidity With Luxury Furniture

Everything worth keeping is worth investing the time to care for. Though most luxury furniture can withstand the test of time, often people forget about the troubles of humidity and the environments the furniture is kept it. Your living space masterpieces can go from valuable to damaged goods over time if you do not care for them properly. Humidity and temperature can cause peeling, warped wood, and cracks in furniture over time.

Those living in extreme temperatures will have this occur more frequently, so it is important to keep your home at a regulated temperature. Proper HVAC (Heating Ventiliation and Air Conditioning) systems across the home will keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Though the extreme temperatures play an important role, it is also recommended that one controls the humidity as well. In the US for example, those living in the East Coast may experience much fluctuations with the humidity. Those with expensive solid wood furniture will suffer the consequences over a short period of time if the temperature and the humidity isn’t regulated. If your HVAC system does not have humidity control, then it is recommended that humidifiers (or de-humidifiers) be installed where your luxury furniture is located.

Experts state that ideal temperatures for wooden furniture is around 70 to 72 degrees with humidity levels kept around 40 to 60%. The humidity factor is especially dangerous when there is a sudden rise or drop in humidity. When experiencing drastic fluctuations, cracks can appear in the veneer. No amount of oil will prevent damage if the humidity drops below 30% for an extended period of time. Proper humidity and temperature control are crucial when dealing with solid wood furniture. There are many ways of utilizing HVAC systems and a variety of methods are used. As mentioned in a previous post, natural methods of cooling the temperature during the summer can be gratifying. Alternatively it is important to get proper heating methods for the cold winters as well. Getting your home comfortable is good for the people and the wood in your home.