Home Office Hacks To Get Organized

As an Interior Designer that truly believes in Feng Shui, and keeping the energy of your home office space flowing, I decided to write this post about home office hacks.

Regardless of the type of work you do from home, if your home office is a mess, you won’t find spending time there very productive. Here are some home office hacks to get organized.

Get rid of paper

A mistake most people make is allowing papers to pile up in their home office. You mustn’t do this: before it takes over your space, manage the paper clutter. Sort out your paper by categorizing it into toss/ shred it and file it.

Use a color-coding filing system

When it comes to home office hacks, not many things top using a color-coded filing system.  You can use any color scheme you prefer but here are the colors I use in my office to help easily access important files

  • Blue-Medical
  • Red-House
  • Green-Insurance
  • Orange-Financial
  • Yellow-Personal

Use Desk Accessories 

In order to keep your space clean, buy a set of office desk accessories that will help organize all of your pens, pencils, and the fun new magnifying glass that you may have just recently purchased. Often, pens and pencils lying throughout the office cause the mess in your home office. Be sure to buy the colors and textures that you love so that you can also enjoy using them as it can increase productivity while you work.

Use your walls

To keep your workspace clutter free, use your wall to help keep work desk clean.  Only place books and decor items to be able to easily access books needed and give your office a nice touch of decor!

Hide your cables

We all know how terrible cables look in any room, not to mention a fire hazard. Jen from Pretty Neat Living added a few wonderful ways to hide your cables in her post about cable management. Try to go wireless as much as possible, the best way to start is buying a wireless printer.

Try these home office hacks to get organized and you will see great energy flowing through your home office!