Home Chef’s Kitchen Must-Haves

These days the home Chef wants and needs many of the same things as a professional Chef. Commercial kitchen design has greatly influenced how we design our kitchens at home and here are some Chef’s kitchen must-haves:

Stainless Steel

Once the realm of the professional kitchen, is not the de facto favorite for ranges, ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators in the home kitchen.


Along with stainless steel appliances, the home Chef also must have great work space. Solid surface counters that can withstand heat and scratches are near the top of the list of the kitchen must-haves for home Chefs.

Double Appliances

Five burner ranges and double wall ovens are also popular with home Chefs.  Wall mounted fill faucets behind the stove allow the home Chef to fill a pot for pasta right on the stove. Two ovens mean you can roast a chicken and bake a cake for dessert at the same time.


Top quality knives and counter appliances, like food processors and standing mixers, are tools of the professional trade that make cooking at home a breeze.  For busy home Chefs, a slow cooker means you can braise and stew while you are away from the home—great for the home Chef on the go.

Padded Mats

Other products and luxury kitchen ideas that are a must for your kitchen include padded mats by the stove to save your feet. Commercial kitchens use rubber, but woven vinyl or synthetic leather make a more stylish mat for the home kitchen.

These home Chef’s must-haves are all about convenience and making cooking at home fun. What are you going to create in your kitchen tonight?