High-Tech Furniture

Smart Coffee Table

Do you love smart technology? Here are some interior design trends that highlight high-tech furniture and accessories to consider incorporating into your home.

Smart Sofas

High-tech sofa trends provide a more luxurious experience to users compared to a regular sofa. Smart sofas allow users to carry out a wide range of different commands from controlling the angle that they wish to recline to charging their phone from a USB charging port. Smart sofas are often even created using a smart fabric that is sustainable and therefore friendly to the planet. For example, Quallofil Blue Fibre is a material that uses 50% of recycled plastic for the seats of a smart sofa. Smart Sofas are also built with anti-allergenic, pet-friendly fabrics which make them perfect for all homes and will help to promote a harmonious zen environment.

Connected Coffee and Side Tables

Smart furniture such as connected coffee and side tables are designed to help users live better and make everyday living easier. Smart coffee tables feature components such as touchscreens, wireless charging and even LED lighting. Some smart coffee and side tables even boast a fridge where users can store their movie snacks without worrying that their cold drinks will go warm. Smart coffee tables can even give you control over all of your other smart home devices which makes it a perfect hub for you to control your whole home from your coffee table.

Recliners and Chairs

Smart recliners and chairs allow individuals to stretch out and recliner with the ease of simply pressing a button. Smart recliners and chairs are perfect for those of all ages especially the elderly as they can take control over the desired angle that they wish their chair to be positioned without requiring assistance from a family member or member of hospital staff.

Smart recliners and chairs have a wide range of features that include technology cupholders, USB chagrin points, storage drawers and a power headrest for ultimate luxury. Some even feature extra add-ons such as LED touching lights which are perfect for reading enthusiasts and a console unit with storage perfect for keeping items such as remote controls.

Smart Lighting and Lamps

Smart lighting has become increasingly popular in homes over the last few years as users have realized the benefits that being able to control their devices from an app can bring to create a more convenient lifestyle. Smart lighting works through installing smart LED bulbs that contain software that can connect to an app that allows the user to operate the lights through the app and voice recognition. Smart LED bulbs can be fitted to both lamps and overhead lights. Smart lighting means that users can control the lights in their home from any location which is perfect for those on vacation and who want to program their lights to go on in their home in the evening. Smart lighting also comes with a range of ambient color choices making them excellent for changing the mood in a room and they also reduce energy costs.

Photo Credits: Smart Coffee Table by Steinfield Tech Smart Coffee Table Classic