Green Luxury Bathrooms: Water Conservation For The Environment

We can do our part to help the environment and ourselves in little ways that add up to a lot in the long run. Water conservation can be applied to many rooms in your luxury home. Environmentally conscious homeowners can now conserve water and have top of the line high-end designs, all at the same time.

The aerator offered in Moen Incorporated’s new Rothbury collection of bath faucets allows water to flow at an optimized 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm), versus traditional aerators that flow at 2.2 gpm for ideal water conservation.

You’ll be treated with the sensational water experience you’re accustomed to, while reducing water usage by 30 percent. Plus, Rothbury faucets are one of the first to receive WaterSense certification from the Environmental Protection Agency, validating the fixtures are water-efficient.

Another way to “green your bath” is to include elements that emulate nature. Biomimicry is an offshoot of the green movement that is now being used in luxury home design — even in bath products.