Get What You Want Without Owning It


Get What You Want Without Owning It

Is it possible to get what you want without owning it? According to several articles recently published, it appears that living the good life today is not about possessions but about possessing. Trends are showing that wealthy consumers are beginning to lessen their upscale purchases and that who you are and what you do is more relevant than what you have or what you own.

There are several online services available to buy and sell used lifestyle items, specifically clothing and accessories, (Fast Company magazine addressed the increasing demand for luxury consignment and rental of high-fashion items), however, have you ever thought about renting your home, furniture or boat? There seems to be a trend with highly affluent socialites that are renting high-end belongings due to the fact that they are just seeking what’s trending today.

What might on-demand interior design look like? Perhaps something like a cross between online design services and home staging, model homes and/or set design — with items rented, leased or purchased on consignment and returned or resold when the client moves on. The future will tell, however, trends show that it is possible to get what you want without owning it!

Would you rent furniture or versus buy your own?