Five FENG SHUI Tips To Start The New Year

Do you love Feng Shui as much as we do? If yes, here are five Feng Shui tips to start the New Year and fill your home and office with blessings. We’re going to run through each cardinal direction with you to incorporate throughout your space.

Tip #1: Southwest Feng Shui Bagua area

To celebrate 2018, a good luck star is being hosted in the Southwest area. This Feng Shui energy is called the White star #6 from the Metal element. It is here to give you career success. With the native element of the Southwest being Earth, the White star is supported and welcomed without you doing much for it,

Here are Feng Shui tips to get you started:

  • Look for instruments that will strengthen your Earth element; they include images, shapes, colors and other items. You can place potteries in the southwest area of your home and office.
  • Don’t overdo it. You should remember that your Southwest bagua area is the place for your Love and Marriage; hence, you do not want to disrupt the balance. Few small items are enough to possess the good fortune of the White Star.
  • You should remember that moving images retain great cures in Feng shui; hence, it is right that you select items that move like a singing bowl, a wind chime, or a small metal bell.

Tip #2: West Feng Shui Bagua Area

The West Feng Shui area is still housing challenges for this new year; though this year, the obstacle is ill-health. The West Bagua area is hosting the star #2.

Here are some useful Feng Shui tips to help you out:

  • The #2 star is of the Earth element; hence, to weaken its influence in your life you need to place items from Feng Shui Metal element. From your door to your interior decoration, you should ask your Luxury Interior Designer to incorporate the Metal element in your West Bagua area.

The Buddha sculpture for medicine and Yin are a good recommendation as Metal elements to place in the West area of your office and home.

  • You should not forget that these items should be included subtly in your West area. While it is essential for you to double the presence of Metal in your West Bagua area this year, your Luxury Interior Designer should not do it in a shouty manner.
  • Also, don’t forget to place salt water in your West Bagua area this 2018. It is to encourage Feng Shui cure.
  • Avoid much usage of the West area of your home this year. This year, the West Bagua Area is to remain as calm as possible.

Tip #3: Northwest Feng Shui Bagua Area

This 2018 the overall good luck and success star― star #1― will be spending the year in the North Feng Shui Bagua area. The North Bagua area is the home of the Metal element; hence, the Feng shui star― star #1― of the Water element is both welcome and supported.

Though like the Southwest area, you do not have to do much to get the gifts of this star, there is challenging energy called Tai Sui, or the Grand Duke in the North area this year.

Here are Feng Shui tips to help you relish the gift of this good luck star:

  • You should decorate this area of your home with the feng shui colors of Water and Metal; these are the colors black, blue, white and gray.
  • Place items that possess cure energies of the Water and Metal elements. Feng Shui materials like Ru Yi, metal sculptures, Wu Lou, Chinese coins, fountains, images of water and mirrors, and singing bowls.
  • Don’t include fire elements and colors in the north Bagua area this year.
  • Hang Feng Shui items that bring victorious and inspiring energy into this area.
  • Finally, ensure to place Pi Yao or Tai Sui plague in the opposite area of the Grand Duke energy. When you get your Pi Yao or Tai Sui plague, keep it on the southeast side of your home.

Tip #4: North Feng Shui Bagua Area

This year the North area of the Feng Shui Bagua is housing severe negative energy from the star #5; this is the yellow star of the Earth element. It is essential that you allow this place to be incredibly calm. Aside, the challenge from the yellow star, the North Bagua area is faced with the obstacle of the 3 killings energy; hence, this is a more reason to keep it as calm as possible.

Here are Feng Shui tips to help you:

  • Place a protective metal Buddha, 6 Chinese coins or metal singing bowl in this area. Also, you can use the Feng Shui traditional item for this incident: the 6 hollow rods metal wind chime.
  • Don’t place any Fire or Earth element in this area.
  • Keep the North area as quiet as you can; hence, there should be little to no renovation done in this place.
  • Place the 3 Celestial guardians made from metal in this area to cure the 3 killings.
  • Place the salt water cure in this are throughout 2018

Tip #5: Center Feng shui Area

This year, the Center Feng Shui area is housing a good fortune star. The star #9 of the Fire element; this is the Star of Future Wealth and is called the purple star. By coming into the Earth element Bague area of your home and office, the Purple star needs lots of assistance from you to shine brightly.

Here are Feng Shui tips that will help you encourage its flames in the center area of your home:

  • Change the decoration of your home and office center. Ask your Luxury Interior Designer to place Fire element items in this area.
  • You should include the Wood element decoration at the Center of your home and office. It will help the fire burn brightly.  Hence, ensure to make your interior decoration to have items of the Wood element like Feng Shui Money plant, green and brown decoration colors, and wood images.
  • Try to work with the number 9 in this area; this will encourage the multiplicative value of your cures from the Center Bagua area.
  • Keep the Center Feng Shui Bagua area beautiful, happy and fresh; this will help spread positive energy across all the Bagua Areas of your home.

Have you implemented any of these tips in your home or office? If yes, share how it’s worked for you so far.