Fancy The Laundry Room

Woman carrying folded sweaters

For many years, designing the laundry was hardly a priority, however, with all of the cool ways to organize and beautify that space, homeowners are beginning to fancy the laundry room. A well-designed and organized laundry room with the latest washing machine and dryer options not only lighten your load but saves you time and energy. Here are some tips to create a clutter-free, beautiful laundry room:

Choose your Appliances Well

Buying the right energy-saving washer and dryer set is a long term investment and can be a fun decision to make. Here’s a guide that created to show the top 10 washers and dryers to consider.

Install a Utility Sink

Let’s face it, dirty clothes stink. Having a nice size sink will allow you to not only rinse your hands but also rinse out some of the muddy dirty clothes as well as boots and sports shoes that come from outside.

Folding Areas are a Must

From the minute you empty your dryer, become productive and begin your folding routine. By having a folding area, you won’t have to drag your clothes into the basket and then dump your clothes on your bed or dining room table. This will also help your little ones with learning how to enjoy doing this daunting task.

Shelves, Shelves and Storage Baskets

Organize your space and keep everything you need for doing laundry in matching baskets on your shelves. You can never have too many shelves in this space.

A perfectly crafted laundry room lets you work efficiently and comfortably within the space your home affords. From cozy nooks to side rooms dedicated to all your laundry needs, there are a number of layouts for every home and wash load. Life may be full of unsexy little responsibilities, but savvy domestic gods know that a little creativity and designer foresight can turn even the dullest task into a moment of repose. When creating a nice and efficient laundry room, you can wash, dry, sort, and stash in record time. Try these tips and begin to fancy the laundry room.

Photo by Dan Gold