Family Rituals: Dining Together

Family rituals can be little traditions unique to your family or weekly events like having dinner together. Today’s super busy schedules often have the family going in all different directions. Parents can be working late at the office or have an after work appointment. Kids have sports, music lessons, play dates, homework and tutoring. All of this means that sitting down as a family for dinner can be a bit of a challenge during the week.

Creating the family ritual of dining together can start first thing in the day. Having breakfast together is a great way to check in with everyone. Weekday breakfast can be simple with fancier dishes saved for the weekend. Just having face time together around the kitchen table or island is a good way to reconnect.

If you want to start having regular family dinners you might want to start on the weekend. A family dinner on Sunday evenings is an old fashioned tradition where generations gather around the table. Sunday family dinner can be slow cooked in the oven or crock pot all day, filling the house with delicious aromas. Or it can be a group effort with both parents and kids participating in the preparation of the meal.

The most important thing about dining together as a family is to sit around the dining table as a family. Have conversations, share current events and reconnect over a meal. Even a take-out meal during the week can be enough to gather the family together at the table.