Extra Room Ideas

Often people have issues (and the luxury) of having extra rooms that they want to utilize but don’t know what exactly for.  For those with children, perhaps your kids are all grown up and you need to do something with the children’s rooms.  Or a guest room has worn out its welcome and you want to make use for it besides a storage location.  Here are a couple of ideas you can convert your extra space into a benefit to your home.

Hobby Room – Often with busy lifestyles, people do not dedicate enough time to their own personal creativity.  Converting your extra room into a hobby room would be a wonderful addition and perhaps will kickstart your creative juices.  Keep paint easels or a clay craft wheel and plenty of cleaning supplies handy.  Or perhaps a sewing room with machines and kits.  If photos are your extra activity, then a photography studio with backdrops and lighting can give you a chance to get that professional edge.

Game Room – Whether you like physical activities such as table tennis or billiards, or video games, you can convert this space to keep it separate from the living room or bed room areas.  This is particularly useful if you have children, as they will have a separate room to play games and stay out of their bedrooms or living room areas.  With the advent of technology, a Widescreen TV and a Nintendo Wii, you can convert the room into a combination of physical and video activity!

Workout Room – For you health enthusiasts, bring the gym to your home.  Line a wall or two with mirrors, and keep a set of free weights as well as a couple of exercise machines.  Perhaps a floor mat for Yoga or Tai chi.  A good idea is to augment the experience with a good stereo sound system that can fill the room with your favorite tunes as you workout.