Entryway Ideas

The entryway, also known as a foyer or vestibule, sets the tone for the rest of your home and it is the first impression your guests make while visiting you for the very first time. Although there are many different home decor items that you can add to this space, there are a few must-have pieces to incorporate.

Entryway Ideas:


Mirrors can be a decorative and functional way of utilizing this area. Occupants and guests alike can get a glimpse of themselves before and after dinner parties, or do last-minute tidying up before leaving for a big event. Mirrors also act as a lovely backdrop for artistic decorations such as vases and plants.


A sleek console table can harbor photos, a sculpture, as well as a statement piece vase with your favorite flowers.


Wallpaper or color with Artwork and sculptures are a lovely welcome to your luxury home. Choose colors and art pieces that give you a feeling of comfort and beauty that compliment your home’s design style.


Lighting is especially important in this area; adding a chandelier can add a sense of grandeur to this space. Direct lighting can be utilized for highlighting photos and the artwork you have displayed.

While your living room and dining room areas are more frequently utilized, you do not want to underestimate the importance of the vestibule area. Designing your entryway with the four tips above can charm and entice your guests before entering the main showcase. After all, the entryway of your home should as spectacular as the rooms that follow.

Below is the opposite angle of the vestibule image featured in this post. For moreĀ entryway ideas, visit our Haleh Design Portfolio page.