Elevate Your Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Living Room with lighting and a fireplace

Summer is almost here! Longer days and warmer weather mean more time to relax outside with family, food, and a cool drink, lounging as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.  It might also mean that, if you’re working from home, you’re able to work outside or with a window or porch doors open!

No matter how you’re going to use your space, you deserve an indoor/outdoor oasis that allows you to enjoy this glorious weather! Take a look at some inspirations below:

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool and can help evoke feelings of happiness and add warmth to an outdoor area.  You could consider hanging solar fairy lights on your garden fence which will automatically light up at night and create a soft romantic ambiance.

A fire pit is another excellent option to consider as it will inject a warm light into your garden space and is a great focal point for friends and family to gather around.  There are very few things greater in the summer than enjoying a char toasted marshmallow on a warm summer evening.

You can also experiment with light by introducing lanterns to your outdoor space.  Enjoy a summer’s drink with friends while dining under bamboo lanterns in your outdoor living room.


Garden furniture adds class and comfort to an outdoor living room.  A traditional wooden bench is a great addition to a garden as it will withstand the elements and it can fit in even a small space.  Outdoor couches are another excellent idea to incorporate into your outdoor oasis as they bring the coziness of a lounge that can be enjoyed in the fresh air.

Wicker chairs are another inexpensive yet attractive piece of furniture to also consider adding to your outdoor space.  If you happen to have two trees then why not consider creating a hammock and enjoy sunbathing by day and watching the stars at night whilst lying back and relaxing.

Garden Accessories

Accessories play a big role in transforming an outdoor space as they have the ability to inject character and color.  Potted plants and flower beds will instantly introduce color to your backyard design style and create an aura of calm. If you are tight on space then you could consider wall-mounted planters.

Pillows and throws are a great addition to making your garden furniture an inviting spot to relax in the evening.  If you have decking, warm it up by adding a faux fur rug in the evenings to keep your feet warm.

Investing in pretty tableware is another excellent tip to elevate your outdoor oasis.  Quality table linen, glasses and vases can all enhance the aesthetic for your alfresco dining experiences.

Water Features

A water feature is a lovely addition to your outdoor space as it is a great focal point to create a zen-like space.  Certain water features can create water bubbles that pour over the stone bowls creating a trickling sound and calming display.  You could also consider adding a small pond to your garden or even invest in a luxurious hot tub to enjoy relaxing with friends.

Do you have an outdoor space that needs a little love or are you looking for a way to create a new outdoor oasis?  Then consider the tips in this article to create a tranquil outdoor setting to enjoy the summer months. Make your space a place you want to escape to, not from.