Elements of a Divine Dressing Room

Luxury Modern Bedroom with wardrobe and walk in closet

Every woman deserves a room of her own. Whether you already have a dressing room, are considering turning an extra room into one or adding one during a renovation it is about more than just adding additional storage space for clothes, accessories, bags and shoes.  It is creating a space where you can greet the day or end the evening in style.  Who wouldn’t love a dressing room instead of a cramped, overstuffed closet?  We’ve seen a lot of dressing rooms and have concluded that there are a few key elements to making a dressing room divine.

A well-designed dressing room will feel like a boutique filled with your own clothes and shoes.  Organization is key.  Storage for hanging clothes, sweaters, shoes and accessories should be considered and incorporated. We love a custom chest of drawers in a dressing room.  It not only provides drawers for storage, but a flat surface to lay out an outfit or fold sweaters. A bench or small chair provides a place to sit while putting on shoes.

Our perfect dressing room goes a little like this… It feels glamorous and chic.  Larger than a closet, more like a lounge, it has an old Hollywood feel.  A sofa provides a quiet place to sit and have morning coffee.  A well-lit vanity is the ideal place to do one’s hair and makeup.  Soft colors make the room feel feminine and calm. A dressing room must have a full-length mirror, a French or Italian antique would be divine.