Eco-Friendly Bathroom Designs

Eco-Friendly Bathroom With Stand Up Shower

Bathrooms are a major source of household water consumption and they require an excessive amount of energy to light, heat, and ventilate the space while each member of your household uses water to bathe on a regular basis. A bathroom remodel is an opportunity to decrease your home’s impact on the planet in a number of ways and here are eco-friendly bathroom design tips to help with energy-efficiencies, conserving water, and the use of sustainable materials.


Low-flow fixtures help reduce water consumption in the bathroom. Water efficient shower heads and faucets increase aeration so flow is reduced without compromising pressure and performance. A dual-flush toilet can reduce toilet water consumption by up to 30%.


A window and skylight are a wonderful way to bring in natural lighting. If your bathroom doesn’t have either of these two options, a sun tunnel, or a tubular daylighting device (TDD), maybe your answer as they send a large dose of natural light into the room to reduce artificial light consumption in the daytime.


Instead of buying a new vanity, how about visiting an Estate Sale or a second-hand App such as Facebook Marketplace to pick up a vintage piece of furniture?


Saving water is the most important thing to consider when doing a bathroom makeover, as the toilet alone can use almost 30% of household water. Installing and maintaining water-saving bathroom fixtures is an enormously important step. Start by installing low-flow showerheads and faucet, and set up a gray-water system that collects water from the sink and shower and feeds the toilet and the garden. If you have any leaks, please fix them as soon as they happen.