Design Your Bedroom For Your Health

Master Bedroom with greys and black

The most amount of time we spend in our home is in our bedroom so design your bedroom for your health. This will allow you to create a calm and relaxing space so you can get a better night’s sleep!

Here are a few simple tips to create good sleeping habits.

1. Stick to a sleep schedule

Set aside a minimum of eight hours to obtain a restful sleeping pattern. Go to bed and get up at the same time during the workday and no more than one hour later for days you’re not working. Being consistent reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle. If you don’t fall asleep within about 20 minutes, read or listen to soothing music in order to get tired.

2. Relax

Doing calming activities before bedtime, such as taking a bath, or using relaxation techniques such as meditation can ease anxiety and promote better sleep.

Add a sound machine with sounds of nature along with a diffuser with essential oils that contribute to relaxation (lavender is a great one), both help promote relaxation. Listen to your senses.

3. Create a restful environment

When designing your bedroom, think about creating a cool, dark, and quiet space. Exposure to light might make it more challenging to fall asleep so be sure to install the perfect dark window coverings. Consider using earplugs and a fan to create an environment that suits your needs.

4. Excercise

Include regular physical activity in your daily routine to promote better sleep. When you don’t have a chance to exercise, stretch before going to bed.

5. Limit food and drinks at night

Don’t go to bed hungry or stuffed. In particular, avoid heavy or large meals within a couple of hours of bedtime. Drinking a caffeine-free herbal tea such as camomile is a nice way to achieve this goal. Staying away from caffeinated beverages will also help avoid keeping you and your body awake.

6. Ditch technology

Avoid prolonged use of light-emitting screens just before bedtime. This will also help prevent worries that may come from reading negative news. Instead, jot down what’s on your mind and then set it aside for tomorrow.

Looking for interior design inspirations? Design your bedroom for your health using neutral colors that enhance this relaxing energy.