Designing Your Bathroom For Your Future

Luxury Bathroom Design

When designing your dream home, one important factor to consider is to make your home accessible for you and your spouse as you age. Aging in place in your own home is strongly linked to greater health and happiness, however, historically it has been perceived as a viable option only for those who can afford home health aides or whose family members can provide full-time care. When designing your home, make sure that your space is going to be luxurious as well as functional. This post will focus on designing your bathroom for your future and we will publish another post soon about other areas in your home.

Walk-In Showers

An adjustable-height showerhead with a handheld wand can extend your ability to bathe independently, an activity that can have a demonstrable impact on preserving emotional wellbeing and a sense of dignity. Using wall to wall natural stones, choose a no-threshold or walk-in shower keeping the flooring smooth and level. Base-row wall tiles that contrast with the floor tiles can help you distinguish between wall and floor more readily.

Built-In Shower Seat

Consider incorporating a seat into the design. Sitting while showering should be comfortable and glamorous no matter the age.

Sturdy Grab Bars

Adding sturdy grab bars to avoid slipping and falling. Many manufacturers offer specifically designed grab bards that replicate the appearance of a towel bar to support body weight which offers and aids mobility. Make it comfortable and safe to move around the shower.

Shower Controls

Thermostatic shower controls and anti-scald water devices can help protect against injury. The Aging in Place guide recommends a maximum water temperature of 120 degrees.

Smart Voice Controls

Consider how technology-powered devices can facilitate aging in place. Mechanisms like lighting or thermostats that you can control with a smartphone can be easier to operate in advanced age. When exploring these options, consider maintenance requirements, the risks associated with malfunctions, and whether they can be operated on a device with a larger screen, like a tablet. Icons can be difficult for the visually impaired to navigate on a smartphone screen.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

Changing the toilet paper roll may be difficult due to arthritis so opt-in for a toilet paper dispenser that is one-sided so you can easily add and remove without any hassles.

Designing your bathroom for your future doesn’t have to make you feel old. You can still keep the luxurious look and feel while making it accessible for you and your spouse to enjoy during your golden years.