Decorating With Mirrors

Master Bedroom design with Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is an excellent interior design tip to help you transform a room: Mirrors can create the illusion that your space is a lot bigger than what it really is and assist in opening your space.

Make a Small Room Look Bigger

As Interior Designers, one frequent suggestion we provide to homeowners with small rooms is to add a mirror to their space. It is a simple yet highly effective way to make full use of the little space available.  For example, if you have a small bathroom, having a large mirror on the wall will help to create the illusion that your bathroom space is more open.  Think of a house of mirrors, a simple design of many mirrors creates the deception that you are in a much larger space than what you really are in.

Great Option for Dressing Multiple Rooms

If you find that you have multiple rooms, it can very easily become overwhelming and hard to work out how to create a chic space.  Mirrors are an excellent option to consider as if you need help on how to choose a mirror, begin looking in home magazines or online to get an idea of the different styles and designs that are available.

It can be easy to get stuck in the rut of gravitating towards a standard rectangle but allowing yourself to experiment with different styles will open your creativity and permit you to tap into your own design style.

Perfect for All Budgets

Interior design does not need to necessarily cost a large sum of money, and in fact, mirrors are a very affordable accessory that is available to all budgets.  There are multiple mirror stores that offer quirky designs, and the extra shine and newness will assist in livening up your space.  If you are working with a tighter budget there are also plenty of good affordable options to help provide you with quirky options.  Take the eco-friendly and sustainable approach and browse second-hand stores or estate sales. This option can be a fun way to find a vintage mirror to add even more character to your room.

Add a Statement Piece into a Room

If you are looking to add a statement piece to your home, decorating with mirrors is a great option to consider.  Mirrors come in a vast range of shapes, sizes, and designs which means that there will always be one that will fit well into your space.  A mirror with a fun border or in a bright color will really assist in adding a funky vibe to your space and help to instantly transform your room without requiring you to spend a lot of time and labor on other decorating such as wallpaper.

Decorating with mirrors is an affordable yet fun way to inject a new style into your room.  Adding a mirror into your home will instantly transform your room into looking more spacious, fresh, and exciting!