Declutter To Reduce Stress

Organized Luxury Home Office without any clutter

Stress is something that we all experience and keeping it as manageable as possible will help with creating a happy work/life balance. One step to accomplishing this goal is to declutter. This is a very important process when creating a workable space in your home (especially, with all the hours we tend to spend working from home (WFH)). It has been medically researched by the Mayco Clinic in an article called How Decluttering Your Home Could Make You Happier and Healthier. Now, let’s begin to declutter to reduce stress, and in turn, stay healthy!

Organize Your Room

  • Other than beautiful furniture, shelving, and functional lighting for each room, adding home decor items such as mirrors, pillows, candles, and accessories will add a personal touch to each space. However, minimize the number of unnecessary items such as uncoordinated items, and excess products that do not have a purpose.
  • Artwork and a mirror are perfect for your walls. Adding photos in frames to your walls, as well as on your bookshelf, are a great way to remind you of your loved ones and memories while taking breaks.
  • Plants in a decorative pot are a must. They bring life to each space, boost your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity.

Organize Your Closet

  • Give away unwanted clothes in your closet – If you haven’t worn those jeans in two years, chances are you won’t wear them again. Instead, donate them to someone that can actually use them.
  • Arrange your clothes by color (or by clothing type) to easily find what you need quickly – This will also cause less anxiety when you can’t find something to wear.
  • Stop buying things you don’t use – Do you really need 20 pairs of black sandals?
  • Add separators to your drawers to easily find things you use – You’ll be able to find those tiny socks you love to wear in a jiffy!

Organize Your Office Desk

  • Buy a file cabinet. Add labels to folders and arrange them in alphabetical or numerical order to quickly find important printed documents.
  • Place a mail sorter on your desk for documents and bills that you need to access regularly. Create a monthly task on your calendar to file documents that are no longer used by filing them or recycling files you no longer need. Letting documents pile up causes stress and a messy desk.
  • Sort your pens, pencils, markers, scissors, etc… in their own drawer using organizer sets to separate them. This will allow you to find your favorite items quickly.
  • Add a bookshelf or shelving to your wall to hold all of your favorite books and other books you need to reference in your home office. It will prevent your books from being on a chair, sofa, or even worse, on the floor.
  • Move your dirty cups and dishes to the kitchen sink. That coffee mug from 2 days ago can cause distraction… so focus on what’s more important. Your work.

Keeping these in mind, also clean on a regular basis. Dust and food crumbs all over your desk, dresser, or sideboard are unnecessary and can cause stress. Try these organization tips and declutter to reduce stress!