Create Your Own Trends

Interior Design Trends


There’s so much talk about new trends in the world of Interior Design. What’s IN? What’s OUT? Our thoughts? The best option is for you to create your own trends and be unique. After all, it’s your space and you have to be the one enjoying it!


One of the judges of the 2017 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards, Louise Olsen, shares her thoughts about Stone and Metal trends and stated “Colour is more about relationships and instincts, I’m not so much into the trends because when you start talking about trends you’re talking about being a follower of something, it’s better to find your own individuality.”


Also, well-stated by other designers in The Lux Pad, “Instead of always following the latest design trend, decorate with timeless pieces you love”, “Be brave enough to be yourself and trawl the trends for what you love, not what’s fashionable. That way you’ll still love your home next year, and the year after, and the year after that too”, and “make your home a reflection of its inhabitants”.


In conclusion, trust your taste and inner instinct. After all, the designs you surround yourself with should be about synergy with colors, patterns, materials, and textures that you love and resonate with. When in doubt, white is always safe and can be combined with gold, stone, metals or matt silver to add a personal touch to the room. Don’t be a follower, rather, create your own trends by combining colors and materials you love.