Create an Energetically Harmonious Home and Office

Electronic devices have taken over our home and office settings, bombarding us with electromagnetic radiation day in and day out. As an Interior Designer that truly believes in living in a harmonious environment, and one that applies Feng Shui to each project, I’ve discovered a product that will help minimize the negative effects of irreplaceable technology. The advancement in the field of bioenergetics has given birth to harmonizers by a company called Gia Wellness to protect us from the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by the electronic devices which we use every day. 

The Gia Harmonizer is a portable and compact device, which suppresses the emission of electromagnetic radiations, creating an environment which is energetically harmonious. Powered by Energy Resonance Technology (ERT™) which has been critical to the company’s success, it seeks to cure the electro-polluted environment around us, providing us with an environment which is stress-free and promotes productivity.

The device can be plugged into any electrical socket, even though it does not require electricity to function. However, for optimal effect, make sure you plug the device in a room/office space where there are many electronic gadgets in use, such as computers, laptops, printer, scanners, routers, modems, servers, Wi-Fi devices and other commonly found household/office devices. The device is effective up to a range of 60 feet (it maintains its effectiveness through walls, floors and ceilings as well).

Here are the benefits:

  • A Stress-free Environment: The harmonizer neutralizes the harmful effects of the electromagnetic waves emitted from most electronic devices and minimizes the effect they have on us, especially if we regularly place ourselves in close proximity to such devices. The energizing effect helps in creating a stress-free environment, allowing one to eat, sleep and conduct daily tasks in a stress-free manner.
  • Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation: Research in the field of bioenergetics has concluded that electromagnetic radiation is indeed harmful to human health. Considering the fact that most home and office environments of today have numerous electronic devices to help people conduct day-to-day tasks, it comes as no surprise that the need to install a harmonizer is of utmost importance. By doing so, we take a step to ensure better health of ourselves and everyone around us as well.
  • Increased Productivity: As discussed earlier how a harmonizer can help reduce stress and can re-energize you, it ultimately has a positive impact on productivity. The decreased interference caused by the electromagnetic waves can positively affect a person, making them think more clearly, feel less fatigued and be able to manage a more demanding workload with ease. Even your pets, which are more sensitive to their surroundings, will make you notice the change and help reassure you of the benefits of using this product.

We all love technology but let’s work together to create an energetically harmonious home and office for our families and colleagues. Do you have any other wellness products you’ve used with all of the devices and WIFI in your home or office?