Create A Multi-Functional Space

Create a multi-functional space in your home to maximizes the usability and function of each room.

  • Incorporate a play area in the child’s bedroom to stimulate learning and avoid feeling bored and restless.

Guest Bedroom office

  • For homes with children, adding a craft area in a laundry room or mudroom can make cleaning up easier.

Multi-Purpose Room Laundry and Crafts

  • Converting a now barely used guestroom into a home office is a great way of creating a separate office space that one can walk away from when the day is over, which can help keep a work vs. home balance.

  • If there is no guest room, integrate home office in nooks, closets, etc. – away from more commonly used spaces (i.e., dining table, etc.) to avoid having to “clean up your desk” at every meal.

  • For city dwellers who do not have as much space, a dual-purpose living room may be the only solution for a home office. However, it’s important to keep everything neat and tidy in order to not feel overwhelmed.

Multi-Purpose Room Desk in Living Space


  • A less cluttered living area provides room for at-home workout videos, yoga/pilates, etc. even in inclement weather.

Woman exercising in her living room

  • If a gym-like atmosphere is necessary to stay motivated, convert a garage into a home gym with minimal effort.

Gym in your garage

  • A shed, a pergola, or a covered porch are great options for a home gym and can offer protection from weather elements.

  • Outgrown children’s playground can be repurposed into an obstacle course for the entire family to enjoy.


  • Even dedicating a small section of a backyard/balcony can be a great way to stay active.

Gym in a patio

Create a multi-functional space in your home and enjoy your home on a new level!