Cooling Your Luxury Home

Summer is approaching and we should start thinking about how to keep our homes efficiently and naturally. Often high end homes come with lots of light beaming in from the spacious windows, but this could also lead to the home becoming warmer than comfortable in the hot summer months. While air conditioning is available, if you have a spacious home it would be advantageous to utilize natural methods of cooling your luxury home.

Passive cooling methods (or those not utilizing mechanics) are preferred in this instance. One way is to redirect the sunlight from your house or namely from the windows. This is the most obvious method but finding ways to get light in the house without the sun beaming directly inside the windows should reduce the house warming effect. Reflect heat away from the windows.

Natural ventilation is a great passive cooling method. This takes advantage of air currents and winds in your area. Design the ventilation in your home based around the seasonal wind patterns. This varies from region to region but can be considered one of the more effective cooling strategies.

Airflow is important, so make sure that the home is properly ventilated so the air can get through. Windows that can be opened should be on alternate sides of the rooms to allow air to come in and out and create an internal cross-breeze. Cross ventilation can reduce stagnant air from building up and making the heat uncomfortable.

However that may not always be the alternative you want to use. Elegant ceiling fans are a great way to reduce the heat and not be reliant on air conditioning. Fans can reduce the heat about 4 degrees. Evaporative coolers use about a quarter of the energy consumed by most air conditioners, however these are only effective in dryer climates.

Luxury can also be practical. Take advantage of the natural methods!