Cool Your Home Efficiently

Living Room Design With Energy Efficient Drapery

Summer is approaching and it’s a good time to start thinking about how to cool your home efficiently. Often homes come with a great amount of light beaming in from the spacious windows, but this could also lead to the home becoming warmer than comfortable in the hot summer months. While air conditioning is available, if you have a spacious home it would be advantageous to utilize natural methods of cooling your home to avoid wasting energy. In this project above, we used roman shades to insulate the living space during hot months.

Passive Cooling methods

Redirect the sunlight from your house or windows by looking for ways to get light in the house without the sun beaming directly inside the windows. This can be accomplished by using light window coverings that can be transparent enough for light to come through without the excess heat that comes with it. Drapery, roman shades or roller shades are great options. If you choose drapery, add a light transparent draper for light to come through during the day and thicker layer for more privacy at night.

Natural ventilation

Take advantage of air currents and winds by designing the ventilation in your home around the seasonal wind patterns. This can be considered one of the more effective cooling strategies as it helps increase the airflow within various rooms in your home. Open up your windows to allow air to come in and out to create an internal cross breeze. This method of cross ventilation can reduce stagnant air from building up, thus making the space hot.

Invest In Ceiling Fans

Elegant ceiling fans are a great way to reduce heat and increase airflow without using your air conditioning. Fans can reduce heat by about 4 degrees

Take advantage of the natural methods to cool your home efficiently and get ready for summer!