Choosing the Right Style of Curtains

Luxury interior design living room in pink and beige with custom drapery

Curtain treatments are one of our favorite types of projects! Choosing the right style of curtain, the perfect texture, fabric, and color, will not only enhance the windows but turn an ordinary room into a space with character.

When it comes to choosing curtains, there’s no end to the different treatments and finishing touches available in a range of styles and colors. With so many options available, let’s first consider what type of curtain will best meet your needs. Here are some of the most popular curtain styles:

  • Pinch pleat (or tailored pleat) curtains.
  • Box pleat curtains.
  • Goblet pleat curtains.
  • Pencil pleat curtains.
  • Eyelet (grommet) curtains.
  • Rod-pocket curtains.
  • Tab-top curtains.

Consider the style, size, and shape of the window and your desired need for the curtains and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they simply decorative, or must they also keep out drafts?
  • Should they be pulled back off the windows to let in light and frame a view, or is the scene outside better hidden?
  • Do you need privacy and insulation? Decide all of these variables so you can begin.
  • Will they need to be a focal point, or convey an understated elegance? Think about the room’s proportions and furniture used in the room.
  • Would a lined curtain be a better option or an unlined one? A lined curtain drapes well and provides better insulation than an unlined one.
  • Which length do you prefer? (I love it when they are long)
  • Will you be dry-cleaning the drapes or prefer to use a washing machine?
  • Would you prefer to draw the drapes by hand or prefer automation?

Once you’ve answered all of these questions, you’ll be on your way to choosing the right style of curtains for your home.