Children’s Room Decor

Your children’s room is a great way to express some fun creative freedom with your interior design expressions. A child’s room does not have to conform to the “normal” standards of adult living. You can have fun with the colors and themes with your child’s room and dazzle the imagination.

COLORS: Gender neutral colors are a good way to make a room useful and multifunctional; particularly for larger families.  Patterns of green, yellow or red can be matched with neutral colors such as black, white and tan giving a modern twist on a child’s decor. Patterns and materials can be used to differentiate the function and use of a given area.

THEMES: Kid’s rooms have always been an area for adult creative inspiration. Theme inspired bedrooms are a great way to let children have a place of their own and whisk them off to their fantasy everytime they are in their room. Sports, astrology, fantasy art, undersea adventures are just a few of the many themes to choose from, but the them should go with your child’s liking.  Hand painted designs are a great way to get the personal feel.  The use of fabrics and wall decorations are a great way to add dimension and fun to a room.

The decorations can also serve as functions.  Match the drawers, shelves and toyboxes with the theme.  For example of an undersea theme, why not have the toys placed inside a giant clam?  Above all else, have fun with the decorations.  Your kid’s rooms should be fun and memorable; enjoy the opportunity and have a good time.