A sure way to add opulence to your home is to place a Chandelier in the dining or main rooms. Chandeliers are a decorative ceiling fixture usually containing a complex but elegant array of glass or crystals that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and contain a light source in the middle or around the sides. Crystals and glass will reflect and refract the light source (or sources) giving the room a unique beauty when lit. They are not just limited to glass; often brass or other precious metals are used and surrounded by lights or candles.

Chandeliers go back to medieval times and were primarily used by the upper class. As one could guess, the antique chandeliers were used to hold candles as the light source. This pattern is often imitated even in the modern chandeliers, but using electronic “candles” with a bulb (often on a dimmer) instead of flame. In the olden times, the first chandeliers had more practical uses, and were made of wood and basic materials. These then evolved into crystals and became more elegant symbols of aristocracy.

It is recommended to use chandeliers for those with ornate tastes, however they come in many patterns, shapes, and sizes, so one potentially can find a chandelier to suit any luxury home. From classical to the modern, brass to glass, small or large; these decorative mounts can be placed in the living rooms, dining areas or even in a foyer.

The largest chandeliers in the world contain 750+ lamps and weigh 5-10  tons!