Cabinet Materials

When designing your kitchens, its important to understand and choose the right type of materials to keep a long lasting and beautiful cabinetry.  Now that we are at the tail end of summer, it’s particularly important for those living in high humidity areas.  Certain types of woods are more prone to warping and damage, so we should choose woods that will not only compliment our living space, but will be practical in withstanding the tests of time.  I’ve covered the types of woods common in furniture making in a previous post…now lets cover the types of wood that are good for cabinetry.

  • Red Oak – Strong and durable, this wood is ideal for custom made cabinets.  The bold color and strong grain patterns give your cabinets added texture.
  • White Oak – Even stronger than the Red Oak, this has more of a golden tone.  The grain is more subtle and this wood is often used in an “arts and crafts” type of feel.
  • Maple – This wood is more expensive than oak but less dense.  This wood can be stained as it has a light color but often to brighten a room, this wood is best with a clear or natural finish.
  • Hickory – Has a similar strength and grain pattern as oak wood.  Lighter in color, and like the Maple, this wood can add to the brightness of a room with it’s natural color.
  • Cherry – A hard wood with a unique coloring that darkens with age, this wood is versatile and can be used to give your kitchen a warm feel.

Keep in mind, wood warps easily so it is important that the cabinetry be finished as soon as possible.  Veneered cabinets are more stable than solid lumber in the high humidity areas.  Choose the woods that best compliment your home, but be cognitive of the long-term effects.  Finish your wood and enjoy the design!