Beautiful Landscape Designs

Does your garden require a complete refresh? Giving your garden a new landscape design can accentuate the overall look of your home. Every home has a specific architectural design which will have a big say in your landscape so as you begin, think about what will work well with the overall design of your home and choose the landscape that truly reflects your personality and beautifies your home.

Here’s a guide we’ve put together to help you as you begin your quest to give your landscape the look it deserves.

Understand the key elements of landscape design

Endeavor to understand your landscape’s key elements. Color, line, texture, form, and scale are the key elements of the design, and you will always struggle to get it right until you have understood them. These five elements help create the design that will suit the architectural design of your home.

Decide what you need

What do you want to create with the garden? Do you need a lovely place to share happy times with your loved ones, a space for the kids to play, or a healthy space to grow your favorite vegetables?

Your needs will go a long way in helping you determine the color, forms, texture and other key elements of the garden. Ruminate over the specific reasons for creating a garden so that your landscape design can be personalized to suit your needs.

Harmonize your landscape with your home

Choose flowers or foliage with complementary or similar colors to the painting of your house. You can also go for a design that complements the brick of your home.

Harmonizing your landscape with your home should include consideration for the size and style of your home. A Spanish-style home, for instance, will look more enchanting with a garden filled with cactus and succulent plants. Before you choose the design, ask yourself if the different styles you like are suited best for the look of your home.

Keep the design simple

Make your landscape simple and save yourself lots of stress, time and money on installation and maintenance. First go with the most simple types of plants and work your way up to a more detailed design. 

Start your design small

Give yourself time. Plan out 4-8 weeks to complete the project (depending on the size of course). Take actions and work on turning your dreams into reality while enjoying the whole process of creating a design of your choice. You can make it big as time goes on.

Creating the architectural design of your dream landscape is an exciting process. Have fun and begin planning!