Bathroom Lighting

bathroom lightingWe are not just limited to the fixtures and tile to make a bathroom really stand out. Often we can make dramatic improvements by the type of lighting that is used. With the right lighting, we can convert a harshly lit area into a gentle serene area. Most likely the bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in the house. It is in your best interest to create a beautiful environment while you’re in there!

Modular lighting can be a great way to add to a bathroom. Combined with the right wall textures, you can create a lovely atmosphere with a few well placed lights that are embedded within the walls and/or the ceilings. Aside from the locations of the lighting, be creative and choose colors that best suit the occasion. Granted you may want to consider giving 2 alternatives with a switch that you can apply. A dimly lit blue or purple can be used for evening decor when for example, taking a bath. The soft tones can make your bathing experience all the more pleasurable. However, keep a white light handy for practical purposes…you may need more accurate vision in the mirror and will make use of the right white lights. The white lights don’t have to be harsh fluorescents you often see in public washrooms; they too can be softer and more flattering to one’s appearance and the decor of the room.