Adding Art To Your Home

Grand Salon with European Artwork on the walls with classical furniture in blue, beige and Gold

Art is an excellent way to help decorate a home that has a blank canvas or an existing home that needs a freshen up! A simple painting can help to transform a room and create a specific atmosphere.  In this post, we shall explore some of the tips available when you are adding art to your home

What To Consider When Buying a Painting

When buying a painting, it is a good idea to think of how you want the painting to make you feel.  Do you want a painting that will evoke a happy memory and one that will bring you joy? This is especially important to consider as you will be spending a lot of time in the space that your new painting will be in, especially during a global pandemic! A painting is an investment so also give some thought as to what room your new piece of artwork will be showcased in.  You can add as much or as little artwork as you like to a room.

Different Types of Artwork You Can Acquire

There are lots of different types of artwork that you can add to your home that will cater to the different sized spaces that you require filling.  For example, a large canvas piece of artwork is excellent for a bigger space such as a living room whereas a smaller painting will be perfect for a more compact room such as a bathroom.  Blowing up personal photographs onto a canvas is a fab alternative to smaller photos if you have a large space as it adds a special personal touch.  While there are original artwork pieces available on the market you can also find artwork just about anywhere or you can even create some yourself.

Artwork for All Rooms in the Home

What is great about artwork is that it is very versatile and can be displayed in all rooms of the home.  You can create different themes and atmospheres in the various rooms of your house through the different pieces of artwork that you acquire.  For example, in the bedroom, you may be interested in investing in a piece of art that is soothing and creates a relaxing atmosphere for you to retreat to at the end of the day.  Whereas in the bathroom you may be looking to add artwork on the theme of water. 

How Artwork Can Create Specific Atmospheres

Artwork is an immensely powerful tool to help evoke certain types of atmosphere and emotions. There are lots of tips on adding art to your home.  For example, adding a piece of artwork with fire will help to create the illusion that the room is warm whereas a stormy sea can convey emotions of tension and suspense.  When adding art to your home focusing on the role that specific colors can play is also an important factor to consider.  Warm colors tend to create happy and content feelings whereas cool colors tend to be soothing and calming.  

Adding art to your home is a simple yet effective way to inject a creative flair into your house.  There is a plethora of different artwork that you can acquire for each and every room ranging from canvases to photographs and everything in between.  Artwork has the power to create a specific atmosphere and helps to evoke memorable feelings as does the color schemes.