Add Natural Light to Any Room

Woman and Man in their kitchen with natural light Sun Tunnels by Velux

Let there be light!

Do you ever struggle with a windowless room in your home or office that could use natural light? A great way to add natural light to any room is with Sun Tunnels. They can add natural light to any room, even the more hard-to-reach or within the lower level spaces! They are a great alternative to lightening up the doom and gloom within a dark space. Here are some of the benefits:

Energy Efficiency

Sun Tunnels produce less heat than electric lighting, so they don’t affect the temperature inside your home which helps reduce the usage of your heating and cooling system so they don’t continuously work hard to maintain a constant temperature in your space.

By allowing natural light into your home, like in the image from Velux Sun Tunnels, you’ll be able to minimize the use of electrical lighting, which will cut down on your overall energy usage. For example, during daylight hours, they can entirely replace the need for flipping a light switch in any room such as a bedroom, office, closets, bathrooms, hallways and other spaces where you can’t have windows.

There’s a tax benefit when purchasing the right Sun Tunnels so do your research to see which ones qualify for a tax credit.

Health & Wellbeing

Regular sunlight and fresh air can help improve your health. If you are not getting the proper amount of sunlight you can develop a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder, which causes poor energy levels, increased appetite, weight gain, as well as depression.

Scientific studies are increasingly showing the benefits of natural sunlight on health and wellbeing. Proper daylight reduces eye strain while reading or working on a computer, and effectively stimulates the human visual system. In fact, humans have an intrinsic need for natural sunlight, and daylighting allows you to experience the gentle fluctuations in sunlight that stimulates the human circadian system, controlling sleep and wakefulness. Many businesses have reported increased productivity and decreased absenteeism when natural light is a staple of the office. Given a large number of people that work from home, natural light can improve both work life and overall health.

Studies have also shown that people who are regularly exposed to sunlight are more optimistic, sleep better at night and have a higher sense of well-being. Daylight can boost your mental function and memory. The use of natural lighting in schools has to lead to more brain power which has shown an increase in student performance and reduced fatigue. Bottom line, natural light stimulates your mind, boosting alertness, concentration and focus on the tasks at hand.

Photo credit: Velux Sun Tunnels