Add Bold Colors To Your Interiors

Bold Color Bedroom with bold blue bedding and yellow bookshelf

Looking to add bold colors to your interiors? Get into it! As I navigate through the boutiques of Milan, all the beautiful and bold colors pop out to me. Bold yellows, red, orange and blues. How marvelous when using them together. With the right color combinations and textures, you can create a lasting impression of your personality and bring out the beauty of your living space.

Here are some fun ideas to inspire you to stylishly bring these bold colors into your home:

Choose the colors

Choosing the right colors is key when making your living space stand out. For example, bold yellows work great with bold blues. Use the 80/20 rule to determine the distribution of the color palette within your room such as 80% bright colors and 20% neutral (or in reverse to tone it down).

Begin with decorating your walls by either painting or adding wallpaper with neutral colors and dark hues. With the darker hues, you can easily make use of your lighting features to change the looks of the room. Or if your living space lacks adequate lighting, choose brighter colors for the walls.

Bring in bold accessories

Give vibrancy to the room with bright-colored furniture, especially if you have gone for the darker hues of neutral colors. Yellow or green sofa with textures with cushions that have bold patterns.

If you are afraid of color clashes, pick either white or black furniture for your living space and then spruce it up with bright colored and textured cushions. A combination of black and white will be good too. Another option for the neutral furniture is to pick some options with textured carvings and/or legs.

Large wall paintings are always a good addition! Whatever accessories you are choosing, strike a balance between your accessories and the walls of the room so that you can get the desired charming effects.

Play with your windows

Don’t be afraid to go against the norms of using subdued window treatments. Integrate bold curtains, roller blinds or shutters with bright tones. This is a great way to bring a happy, fun-filled ambiance into your space.

Play around with different colors and experiment a couple of times before finalizing the end design.